Pre-Modded Sega Dreamcast – GDEMU


Sega Dreamcast with GDEMU: Pre-Installed, Modded and Ready to Play

Not comfortable enough with a soldering iron to replace your own battery? Just don’t feel comfortable taking your console apart?  We’ve done it for you. We also sell pre-loaded Dreamcast game collections on SD ready to use on GDEMU-modified systems.  Buy the memory card bundled along with a modified Dreamcast and save $50!

Looking for a collection for the TerraOnion MODE instead?  We sell those!

What you get:

  • 1x Refurbished NTSC V1 Sega Dreamcast – Modded
  • 2x Original Dreamcast Controllers
  • 1x Original VMU (w/ new batteries)
  • Power cable
  • AV cable

A VGA cable, or HDMI adapter is highly recommended for use with a modern flat panel TV!

‘The Mod List:

  • GDEMU v5.15 (Clone) tested and installed
  • 3D printed GDEMU mounting bracket
  • 3D printed drive bay insert w/ SD Card reader for easy access
  • CMOS battery replaced with battery holder and new battery
  • Controller fuse replaced with resettable fuse
  • Noctua fan replacement w/ 3D printed adapter
  • Power LED replaced with blue LED
  • Resistor added to 12V rail to control over-voltage from missing GD-ROM drive

What does it all mean?

Original GDEMUs are expensive and hard to find. As such most system modders have turned to Chinese clones. These clones are, from experience, spot on copies of the originals; with one exception.  You must NEVER attempt to install an official firmware onto them. They will die and you will ruin your system.  But, firmware updates are few and very far between; everything works, so enjoy the games!

The Noctua fan is a nearly silent replacement for the whining stock cooler.  (Which sounds even louder absent the whirr of the missing optical drive.)  With improved airflow comes improved cooling. Plus, it’s just quiet.

The 3D printed parts fill the missing space from the removed optical drive, making for a cleaner presentation and no “big open hole” to drop things into the console case.  An adapter cable runs from the GDEMU to under the lid to make removing the memory card easy.

The Dreamcast used a very simple power supply to save money. With no 12V load coming from the GD-ROM drive the PSU tends to put too much voltage out of the 12V rail, often getting as high as 14V. This causes the system to run hotter.  To control voltage there are two methods typically used; adding a fake load via resistor, or removing the 12V regulator entirely.  Removing the regulator makes the system run cooler but in some cases can cause an issue; those using SCART-RGB adapters, for example, cannot use a DC with the 12V rail removed because SCART uses 12V.  This is only an issue in a very small number of users, but a resistor and a fan does the job fine without causing permanent damage to the stock PSU.

Limited stock; made on demand.  If we don’t show one available in the store feel free to contact us!
Wanting a Dreamcast modified using the TerraOnion MODE instead of a GDEMU board?  We can do that too!




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