Loaded SD Card for Everdrive N8 or N8 Pro

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Preloaded SD card for the Everdrive N8 or N8 Pro.
Organized into folders and ready to plug and play.
Also added a Top 100 collection just for fun; the best-of in one folder!

  • N8 and N8 Pro collections are identical, just with the OS file required for that model
  • Ships on a 16GB SanDisk MicroSD card with full size SD Adapter for use in N8.

Should work on any of the Everdrive knockoffs, though you may need to copy over the appropriate OS files for your clone if it is not using the official Krikzz firmware.
ROMS can also be copied off for use in other emulators, RetroPie, etc.

Nearly complete NA collection as per this list. (Minus the legendary rare 91 Nintendo Campus Challenge cart, of which no known full dump exists in the wild!)
Plus most of EU and JP, as well as over 1200 hack roms and homebrew titles as a bonus. [See the full directory list here.]

Based on the No Intro collection; known as one of the most complete ROM sets available. EverDrive does not guarantee compatibility with every title; see the Krikzz website for support on your EverDrive. Complete Sets include some duplicates as multiple versions of some cartridges were printed with slight variants, bug fixes, or sometimes censorship.

Note to Parents: Hacked ROMS are fan-made and may contain offensive or sexual content. If giving this set to younger children you may want to delete this folder entirely.

Seller neither holds nor implies any rights to the disc images on this collection, made of files freely available online, and intended for backup purposes only. Buyers acknowledge that they are paying for the physical media and my time in providing this collection only.

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ED N8 (16GB SD Card), ED N8 PRO (16GB MicroSD)

7 reviews for Loaded SD Card for Everdrive N8 or N8 Pro

  1. Julius (via Etsy)

    “I want to say thank you so much this is a great card so many great games. This is one awesome package. I highly recommend.”

  2. Frankie (via Etsy)

    “Item exceeded expectation and showed up early! Excellent customer service!! Highly recommend doing business with this seller! Thanks again!”

  3. Mason Mansberger (via Etsy)

    “Great Well Organized Collection, Thanks!!”

  4. Juan (via Etsy)

    “Arrived quickly and it’s loaded with games as advertised. I added the games to my ed64plus. Works fine so far.”

  5. J Dizzle Yuppers (via Etsy)

    “Thanks very much, great games!”

  6. Zane Briones (via Etsy)

    “Arrived fast!”

  7. Gabe Coker (via Etsy)

    “Item works perfectly with my NES console and Everdrive N8 Pro. I also got the ArcadeWorks “Blinking Light Fix,” and I am set for life!”

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