Loaded MicroSD Card for Mega EverDrive


Loaded MicroSD Card for Mega EverDrive X3 X5 X7 or RetroPie emulators. Complete Genesis / Mega Drive / Master System / 32X Collection

Preloaded SD card for the Mega EverDrive X3, X5, or X7.
Organized into folders and ready to plug and play.
Also added a Top 25 collection just for fun; the best-of for Genesis in one folder!

X3, X5, and X7 ROM collections are identical; Krikzz uses the same OS file on all three cards.
(Looking for a card for the TerraOnion MegaSD?  We have them!)

Collection comes loaded onto a 32GB MicroSD card.  (Samsung or SanDisk cards based on available stock. We use no cheap unbranded Chinesium memory cards.)

This card should work on Everdrive knockoffs, though you will need to copy over the appropriate OS files for your clone if it is not using the official Krikzz firmware. ROMS can also be copied off for use in other emulators, RetroPie, etc.

Complete US Collection for Sega Genesis and Master System, along with EU and JP disks, and over 450 Homebrew/hack Genesis cartridge ROMS.

  • Complete NA Sega Genesis collection as per this list. 
  • Complete NA Master System collection as per this list.
  • Also includes all 32X ROMS; these require a 32X to run.

[See the full directory list here.]

In addition to the sorted ROMs, I have also included the full GoodGen v3.21 set (mentioned in the EverDrive manual); mostly duplicates, but the full set includes every known release and variant cartridge organized in folders by game name.

EverDrive does not guarantee compatibility with every title; see the Krikzz website for support on your EverDrive. Complete Sets include some duplicates as multiple versions of some cartridges were printed with slight variants, bug fixes, or sometimes censorship.

Note to Parents: Hacked ROMS are fan-made and may contain offensive or sexual content. If giving this set to younger children you may want to delete this folder entirely.

Seller neither holds nor implies any rights to the disc images on this collection, made of files freely available online, and intended for backup purposes only. Buyers acknowledge that they are paying for the physical media and my time in providing this collection only.

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Weight 2 oz
Genesis ROMS

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