Dreamcast Homebrew Collection (GDEMU)

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Dreamcast Homebrew Game Collection for the GDEMU

The homebrew-lovers collection! Nothing but unofficial Dreamcast “homebrew” disks on this packed full preloaded 64GB SD card, ready to play in any GDEMU-modified Dreamcast!

Over 60 Streets of Rage inspired homebrew titles using the Beats of Rage engine, plus much more! Over 200 disks including many emulator disks with hundreds more Genesis or Super Nintendo ROMS and hacks inside!   [See: Complete List of Titles Here]

Configured in directories intended for use with the GDEMU. Plug-and-play ready, with menu for super quick boot up!   Images can also be copied off for use with other DC emulators, or even to be burned to CD.

Collection will have duplicates (some “standalone” Beats of Rage disks appear again in “collection” disks for example) but has been pruned of all non-working disk images.  Every disk painstakingly tested by hand to boot to the menu and disk names entered manually!  What took us many days work can now be yours in a simple collection ready to just stick in and play!


Seller neither holds nor implies any rights to the backup roms on this collection. All files on these memory cards are freely available online. Buyers acknowledge that they are paying for the physical memory card, and my time in providing this collection only.

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