Dreamcast Collection – Preloaded SSD or MicroSD for the TerraOnion MODE


Make your TerraOnion MODE complete for the ultimate Sega Dreamcast mod with these SSDs pre-loaded with Dreamcast games!  Save yourselves days (or weeks) downloading , organizing, testing, and renaming disk images. Get everything in one simple ready-to-play package.

This massive Dreamcast collection includes the entire US Released Dreamcast set, plus a collection of exclusive EU releases, a selection of JP titles (import and translated) as well as a newly updated massive list of Homebrew titles! (The same collection available on a separate card for the GDEMU comes complete on these MODE SSDs!)  

Sorted into folders, the disk art database pre-loaded, this 500GB SSD is plug-and-play ready for your MODE-modified Dreamcast!  (May require running the folder scan to update the disk art before they appear on your system, if using the disk art menu.) [See: Complete Directory List Here]

By request this is now also available on a 512GB MicroSD!

Due to the large size of this collection and the newness of the MODE we have been unable to test every single image on the drive.  We stand behind our products and offer support; should you find a game not working we will help find a rip that does! Just let us know! 

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