Modding Guides

Optical drives fail! The GD-ROM EMULATION BOARD replaces the GD-ROM drive in your Dreamcast. It tricks the Dreamcast hardware into thinking it is still reading off of an original signed Dreamcast disk, while storing images of the disk on a faster and more reliable SD card. No scratches, no disk rot, and no hauling stacks of disks to move your collection around! It’s all digital!

Installing your own GDEMU mod is as easy as removing a few screws! (Though other mods exist; including upgraded fans and a 3D Printed shroud to fill the hole from the missing optical drive! Available on our store.) Authentic GDEMU boards are very hard to find as they are in incredibly limited supply from the creator. They are found most often for hundreds of dollars. However, a thriving clone market has been providing knock-off boards from China that are every bit as good as the original! (Just remember to NEVER attempt to apply a firmware upgrade to these clone boards- it will kill them permanently!) Many sellers on Ebay and AliExpress are selling the older v5.5 boards at a discount to try to clear out old stock. We highly recommend finding a board stamped v5.15! These run the newest firmware. v5.15b and newer boards have replaced the plastic SD card mount with a newer metal one, but run the same firmware.

Most GDEMU are shipped in from China, so unless you want to wait be sure to pay a little extra for a US shipper. We keep a small number of boards in stock. We also have a few pre-modded Dreamcast systems ready to go if you’re not comfortable modding your own.